Communication Strategy for Rainwater Harvesting

Published at Sunday 17 April 2022
Author : Ghulam Sumdany Don, Iffrit Hossain Shadma Mallik, Faysal Abbas and WaterAid Bangladesh

WaterAid has been promoting the concept of rainwater harvesting as a technological solution that can be adopted by the industries and private sectors. As a part of the projects need for a communications strategy, a consultancy firm, Don Sumdany began its-in-depth research to develop a communication strategy by interviewing various key stakeholders for a practical evidence-based strategy.

The firm has compiled a database of relevant stakeholders and individual’s knowledge inputs about rainwater harvesting across the country. It is reflected in the opinions of the interviewees, that RWH will be integrated to mainstream use in industries by only creating awareness and promoting rainwater harvesting as a sustainable alternative supply of ground and freshwater.

The assignment required going through literatures on RWH promotions, activities stocktaking on what worked and what did not in the engaging private sector, politicians, government bodies and ready-made garment owners and academicians and so on. Ensuring the upscale of the RWH industries and businesses, the communication strategy report stressed the need for national level campaigns that identify audiences and a call to action for RHS implementation which is now a dire need. The report also suggests that RWHs is a more sustainable and more practical way and has a great potential in preserving water resources which must be highlighted in the communication awareness of RWH strategy. 


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