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One of Journalist on press conference of RAiN forum asked "our farmers are not much educated but they produce food for us and contribute positively to our country. Our engineers, planners and architect are highly educated. The state of the roads, infrastructure, planning does not reflect dedicated contribution of our engineers, planners, architects.  Do they think this matter to them???"

At aleast RAiN Forum would be one of an answer.....

Why RAiN Forum:

Bangladesh is now experiencing acute shortage of freshwater round the year particularly in both urban and coastal areas. In urban areas, water table is declining day by day due to extraction of groundwater to meet the ever increasing demand of drinking water. Besides, recharging of groundwater is overlooked. In addition,

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RAiN Forum is

A Non-profit voluntary platform for knowledge sharing and promotion of Rainwater among scientist, engineers, architects, planners, academicians, practitioners, administrators, students, young leaders and other who are, directly or indirectly, concerned in rainwater study and harvesting.


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