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Who We are

VisionDissemination, implementation and enactment of rainwater harvesting countrywide to resolve the crisis of water and improve water management system in a scientific manner with the theme of sustainable, green and safe earth for living.
MissionTo ensure sustainable water and storm water management by bringing changes in attitude and practice among the users for a better future by networking and dissemination of rainwater harvesting technology to the conscious society through training, workshop, seminar, project , awareness campaigning and media.
Forum Objectives

Capacity building of professionals, architects, planners, engineers, researchers, academicians, law-makers, journalists, students and concerned persons through training program on rainwater harvesting.

Enhance social responsibility of citizen and help them think about future water scarcity and need for water conservation by awareness campaigning.

Explore existing rainwater harvesting practices in and outside the country to know the current state of the art.

Research and develop further scopes & techniques of rainwater harvesting.

Promote the application of rainwater for domestic purposes through information and knowledge dissemination.

Work in joint collaboration with Universities, Government Organizations, Non-Government Organizations and International Agencies for implementing projects on Rain Water Harvesting.

Assist in organizing conferences, seminars, meetings, discussions, debates, study courses, collection of statistics, exhibitions, shows and tours to aware on natural water resource conservation.

Provide consultancy in Rain Water Management and Rainwater Harvesting Technology for implementation.

Assist Universities, colleges, schools, Government and Non-Government offices, industries and important places to install Rainwater Harvesting System.

Conduct research program with the support of Ministries, concerned Departments and International Bodies.

Publish books, magazines and advertizing of Rainwater Harvesting through media.